FxCurrency Index FAQs

Can the program be used with non MetaTrader accounts?
No. If you trade on a non MetaTrader platform you can still use a MetaTrader demo account to monitor currency strength. Results should be valid during higher volume trade hours.

What time frame should be used in the line graphs?
Line graphs default to a 1 hour window. This should be the optimal viewing time frame for short term trading. 4 and 8 hour windows are also available to study longer data intervals. The screen can always be scrolled back to view previous data.

Must the computer be connected to the internet all day?
It is recommended that the program be started at least 4 hours before you intend to start trading. This will provide a history of recent market behavior.

How do I trade using the strength index?
Trading the market using the strength index is up to the trader. The program provides the data. The trader should evaluate market conditions and upcoming reports along with the strength data to determine how to trade a particular currency. Some suggestions include: waiting for one currency to reach the upper portion of the index and matching it with a currency dropping to a lower index or trading two currencies that have recently crossed in the middle of the line graph.

I downloaded the program and some features are not active.
The “Lite Edition” is a free version of the program. The strength bar chart is active. All other features are only available in the “Standard Edition” which is a commercial product. We recommend that you download the Lite Edition, read the User Manual in its entirety and test on your broker platform. Once you are satisfied with the performance you can order the Standard Edition on this website. There is a no refund policy on the Standard Edition.

Will the program work on the MacBook or iMac?
The program is designed to work on Windows with the MetaTrader 4 platform. It may work on an iMac running Windows emulation, however, this scenario has not been tested.