After reading the instructions click the BUY NOW button to purchase your licensed copy of Forex Currency Strength Index. The purchase will be made through PayPal. The charge on your billing statement will be shown as “IM Solutions”.

You will be presented with a button to download the software

To purchase enter your PayPal email account and click the Get License button

After the PayPal purchase is complete click the link ‘Return to IM Solutions Inc‘ to view your license key. You will also receive an email from sales@imswebsite.com with the license key and confirmation of the transaction.

The first time the FxCurrencyStrength is run you will be asked to enter the license key. If you lose your license key send email to sales@FxCurrencyIndex.com explaining the situation. Provide your name, email address and PayPal email ID. We will research your purchase and email a reply. Be aware that email responses may take up to 48 hours.

By selecting the BUY NOW button below you acknowledge that you have tested the Lite Edition of FxCurrencyIndex, that it operates properly on your system, and you agree to our NO REFUND policy on the Standard Edition of FxCurrencyIndex.
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